Hi everyone, I'm Sierra Stridiron!

I'm a Computer Science major, Jersey girl born and raised, and most importantly I'm an Average Size blogger.

Who is an Average Size girl/model/blogger?

The Average American woman is a size 14. So it would make sense to think that the most common size sold in most stores would be size 14. Sadly, that's not the case. 

I think that clothing sizes sold can be shown with a well curve, a concave curve where there is a dip in the center as shown below.

Why is this the case?

Initially, I thought the reason for this was obvious. There are clothing stores like Brandy Melville that encourage a one size, fits all mantra, and by "all" they mean everyone under size 10. There are endless street style images, celebrities, models that feed to America's standard of beauty - the straight size girls. On the other hand, there are clothing stores like Torrid that carry up to size 28. There are models like Ashley Graham, YouTubers like LoeyLane and Learning To Be Fearless, bloggers like Kellie B and CeCe Olisa that are paving the way for girls that wear XL and XXL - the plus size girls.

Then that leaves us - the average size girls. The girls that wear a medium t-shirt but have to go to the plus size section of their favorite store to find a pair of jeans that fit. The girls that always have their sizes sold out online, but are too afraid to go to Asos Curve and H&M Plus because literally none of the models look like us.

We are the girls stuck smack dab in the middle. We don't fit in with the straight size girls with their thin waists and even thinner legs. We don't fit in with the plus size girls that have formed large communities dedicated to their issues and the clothing brands that market to them.

We are left out of the conversation.

And there lies the actual reason most stores and clothing brands don't cater to the average size girl. No one has formed a conversation for us or about us. If there is no standard image of "average size", if there is no conversation and therefore no marketing opportunity, no one is going to stick their necks out to represent us. We will forever go unrepresented.

What should we do about it?

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being told "You can't sit with us" because I'm either too big or too small.

I think it's time we form our own lunch table.

We know what it's like to feel too straight size. We know what it's like to feel too plus size. We know it all. We're Know it All's.

This blog is for all of you fellow Know it All's that enjoy fashion and lifestyle inspiration just like I do.

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