Have a Fresh Start to the New Year

The past year has been a crazy ride. I moved from home, started a new career as an entrepreneur, took a leap of faith and got an apartment in Atlanta with business partners in hopes of being able to start my own business and make a name for myself. And through all of this, I have learned tons of lessons and developed relationships that pushed me out of my comfort zone - for better and for worse.
After closing the chapter on my time in Atlanta and moving back to NJ, I was able to reflect. 2018 really pushed my limits. I realize how strong I am and my resilience despite circumstance. After everything I've gone through, I truly need to take care of myself. I am starting a new chapter of my life that I never expected I would ever have to write. But before I start, I will need to lay some ground rules for myself that will require something much more permanent than resolutions.

Here are the list of PROMISES we should all be making as we start this new journey in life:

1. Forgive Yourself
I have never been very forgiving of others and maybe that will never change. But I need to forgive myself. That forgiveness will open up a space for healing, which pretty much everyone needs a bit of

2. Embrace the Shame
Shame seems like such a dirty word and counterproductive to the self-love movement the world is seeing. But acknowledging our shame is important. It makes us look at the areas of our lives we don't want to see. I want to be honest with myself, as difficult as that will be and achieve true self growth and acceptance.

3. Have the tough conversations. Always.
Even when it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Call people out! (yourself included) The breakthroughs that will take place and the depth of relationships that will be formed will make the discomfort well worth it. Don't avoid the tough conversations. And never allow other people to tell you how you feel. Periodt!

4. Remember, no one has their shit together.
As a Cancer, I always think that the people around me have it together, even more so than I do. The truth is no one does. The only person I want to compare myself to is myself.

This list of course will grow as I continue to throughout 2019. Any changes/updates will be noted along the way.
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