My Vintage Travel Essentials

thrift vintage leather boots and backpack for travel

This past week I've been visiting a friend at college and two items have proven most useful: my vintage Coach backpack and leather ankle boots.

Thrifted vintage items are great because usually they're higher quality and able to last the entire trip and other trips to come. Also, they can be heavily discounted and sometimes cheaper than fast fashion clothing. I particularly love my boots because they're unique to me and my personal style and they pull together most of the outfits I've worn around campus. I love my backpack because it's durable and can fit the essentials: my notebook, camera, waterbottle, cosmetic bag, wallet, sunglasses, and phone charger.

Going vintage can be as simple as shopping someone's closet for free like I did to find this vintage Coach backpack. Or, you can get high quality for cheap through apps like Poshmark and Depop. I got these boots on Poshmark for $15 and wear them all the time. A review on those two apps is coming soon. But for now, you, too, can buy and sell the clothing items in your closet that haven't gotten much love lately.

Download the Poshmark app and use discount code JZIBV to instantly get $10 added to your account to buy items or just cash out! You can check out my closets in both the Poshmark and Depop apps by searching @sierra8862 under the people tab. Not sure how to sell on Posh and Depop? Check out my guide to selling clothes on Poshmark here.



  1. all that's left of the owner of those things, boots and a bag. In addition to jokes, the usual black leather

  2. a perfect combination of leather, cottons and knitted things of wool, look great together with cats


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