New Year, New Me

Since my last post on the blog, I've been really going out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I've added dresses to my wardrobe. I wear chunky heels all the time. Oh, and my outerwear game is definitely on point.

So I decided to start off the new year with a post styling something the old me never would have worn, but the new me is absolutely obsessed with.


After my traumatizing experience with turtlenecks I wrote about in a previous post, I never would have thought I would love this mock neck dress so much. Instead of the typical, unsatisfying jeans and t-shirt I would be seen everywhere in, I've been sporting sweater dresses with over-the-knee boots this fall/winter.

I'm particularly pleased with this dress because the ribbed detailing traces the curves of my body. Not to mention the quality of the material is great, as most things coming from the Contemporary section of F21.

Overall, I'm excited for what is to come for 2017. I feel like I'm finally being able to channel my creativity in a productive way and do a lot of things I've been wanting to do for a while. For the longest I was that person who would wish for the ability to do something or go somewhere without setting it as a goal or taking the steps necessary to make it happen. And it feels like this is the year when I can finally get the ball rolling on turning my wishes into tangible goals and actively work towards accomplishing those goals.

How do you see the rest of the year playing out for you?


  1. I love your style.
    Can you check my blog? Follow me if you want

  2. I' fully for changes and I'm happy to see your transformation!

  3. a beautiful sweater in combination with boots, I really like, you do things to order, I would like a knitted dress


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