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I've been in the process of developing my closet for some time now. But I've realized this past semester that no matter how much I add to it, I still have NOTHING TO WEAR. I can't tell you how many times I've had to wear a white sweater with black or grey jeans this past month. Part of it is because I've literally never had a developed winter/spring wardrobe. But the main problems are 1. I'm not making wise investments in the clothes I buy and 2. the clothes I do have and I can't/won't wear and are taking up space in my closet. 

One of the best ways of dealing with the latter is selling the clothes on Poshmark. Think about it: you can get rid of the things you don't want, declutter your closet, and make money while doing it. I've known about Poshmark for some time now and I'm just getting around to actually selling on the site. 

First, get together all of the items you don't want, can't fit, or are too afraid to get rid of because they were expensive. Note: this is your opportunity to finally get rid of the clothes that have bad memories attached. Trust me, it'll be a huge relief. 

Now it's time to take photos. Look over your clothes and shoes for any marks, loose threads, rips, holes, etc. You will need to take photos of this damage; being as transparent as you can is ideal for Poshmark. (The damage doesn't need to be highlighted in your photos, but they have to be visible and acknowledged in your description of the item.) To take pics quickly from your phone, download the app and use discount code JZIBV to instantly get $10 added to your account.

Here are a few items I've recently added to my closet:

Bomber Jacket w/ mini drawstrings $36 (Size: small)

Mid-Rise Straight Leg Jeans $25 (Size: 8) // Mossimo Supply Co.

Black Denim Shorts $15 (Size: 11/12) // Aeropostale

You can check out my closet by searching @Sierra8862 under the people tab in the Poshmark app. If you already have the app, tell me what you think about Poshmark and leave your usernames below in the comment section.



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