Spring Cleaning Lifestyle Hacks

Whenever I catch the spring cleaning bug, I always want to clear out the clutter from many aspects of my life. Here are 3 aspects of your life that in need of a little spring cleaning.


Cleaning out your closet and streamlining your wardrobe is so important. If you find yourself saying "I have nothing to wear" a lot, you might actually have nothing to wear. You should be getting rid of things you cannot fit (it doesn't matter if you plan on losing 10 pounds to fit into it. Re-buy when you do if you love it so much!). Also, get rid of things you want to donate, resell, have bad memories attached, and you literally cannot style with anything else in your closet. There will be a separate post on this later on.

Beauty Products

The most confusing thing is when beauty gurus on Youtube show their elaborate collection of beauty products they claim to have collected over 2 or 3 years. What?! You mean to tell me you have eyeshadow palettes you've hit pan on for every color and crusty, old mascara bottles for 3 years straight and it never occurred to you to get rid of it?? NO. There are endless Pinterest guides on how long to safely keep products. Please reference them people. Your skin will thank you later.


Assess the emails that you never open or you always send to the trash. Scroll to the bottom of those emails and, in the small letters at the bottom, click the unsubscribe button. If those senders continue to send emails to you, set up your email so that they are blocked. This will help keep your emails from exploding to 1000 plus unopened messages so quickly.


If you're like me, you take A LOT of photos. Most of the time they are 50 versions of a picture until the perfect one is taken or Snapchats saved in several different filters 'just in case'. So go through them and delete, delete, delete. Also, go through the older photos you've had for going on 4 years now, and getting rid of those, too.


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