April Showers Style Guide

April is that awkward time of the year when the weather is rainy and stormy just before the unending heat of summer. Don't let April's showers dampen your fashion game!

Protect yourself from the elements in a stylish raincoat that can stand as a key element to your outfit instead of covering it up.

The featured holographic raincoat from Missguided Plus is a perfect option; it's lightweight material makes it great to wear just in case there's a random shower in between classes. Here are a few that are equal parts functional and stylish.

During rainy weather, footwear is just as important as outerwear.

I didn't realize how important having a solid pair of rain boots was until I bought my first pair of Hunter original short boots last year. They were matte, black and classic. I was able to wear them through snow, rainstorms and even when the weather was good outside. They quickly became a style staple in my limited wardrobe while away at college. This changed my previous belief that rain boots had to be printed in kiddy nonsense or come in weird color combinations. Honestly, rain boots can be as stylish as any other part of your wardrobe.

You'll definitely be excited to step into your waterproof boots when they look as fun as these.

The one accessory you'll be sporting all throughout April is an umbrella. Umbrellas with a graphic print are a classic go-to. 

Opt for one with a funny quote like the umbrella featured or with a unique handle for an added edgy touch.

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