April Showers Style Guide

April is that awkward time of the year when the weather is rainy and stormy just before the unending heat of summer. Don't let April's showers dampen your fashion game!

Protect yourself from the elements in a stylish raincoat that can stand as a key element to your outfit instead of covering it up.

The featured holographic raincoat from Missguided Plus is a perfect option; it's lightweight material makes it great to wear just in case there's a random shower in between classes. Here are a few that are equal parts functional and stylish.

Spring Cleaning Lifestyle Hacks

Whenever I catch the spring cleaning bug, I always want to clear out the clutter from many aspects of my life. Here are 3 aspects of your life that in need of a little spring cleaning.


Cleaning out your closet and streamlining your wardrobe is so important. If you find yourself saying "I have nothing to wear" a lot, you might actually have nothing to wear. You should be getting rid of things you cannot fit (it doesn't matter if you plan on losing 10 pounds to fit into it. Re-buy when you do if you love it so much!). Also, get rid of things you want to donate, resell, have bad memories attached, and you literally cannot style with anything else in your closet. There will be a separate post on this later on.
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