Turtleneck Dress Outfits

I've been trying this new thing where I don't purchase a trending item unless I can make multiple outfits featuring that one item. This week's item is the Turtleneck Dress. There are many different reasons I am hesitant to get a turtleneck dress. Primarily because it's a turtleneck...

STORY TIME: When I was in elementary school, and unable to pay for or pick out my own clothes, my mother was the person who dressed me. Her outfit of choice? A turtleneck and oversized jeans. Whenever we had dress down day (I went to a charter school w/ uniforms), I always was the one wearing a turtleneck. What put the nail in the coffin was when my class had a dance performance in front of the whole school. My mom was to show up with a change of clothes before my performance. Guess what she decided to bring. A turtleneck! And this wasn't any old turtleneck, this was the ugliest turtleneck I'd ever seen; it was bright red with a bunch of little images all over it that far away would have reminded you of throw up. The worse part? It was tight and uncomfortable to even dance in - she must have forgotten that I wasn't a flat chested 8 year old. When I walked out onto the stage, you could literally hear the shock in the audience. My classmates couldn't even help but stare during the actual recital. Since then, I swore I would never wear a turtleneck again.

And here we are. 11 years later and I'm about to present 3 looks based entirely around a turtleneck. Who would have thought. While I'm definitely scarred from the experience, my stylish heart wants what it wants. So here are the looks.



winter turtleneck dress outfit with shearling wool coat


Casual Turtleneck Dress Outfit for Winter and Fall


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