Holiday Party Outfit

This is the perfect holiday party outfit. I initially planned to wear this with black stockings and the removable fur hood of my L.L. Bean puffer coat attached, but the weather in Jersey, and all of the East Coast apparently, has been really warm (literally, no snow fall yet). So a simple pair of spandex shorts underneath my dress, just in case there's a draft, was just enough.

My metallic wool infinity scarf is thick enough to keep me warm in case it starts to get chilly by the end of the night, when I'm making my way back home.

Over time I've created a uniform for myself that consists of style staples that you very rarely see me without. This outfit includes two of them, my puffer coat and my leather Coach cross-body. I love both because of their durability and versatility. My coat can be worn winter, spring, and fall because the fur hood is removable, the fur on the hood is removable, and it insulates, meaning it traps in heat despite it being super light.

I love my cross-body because I can't fit everything in the deep-set pockets of my coat, even though I sure try to. I don't tend to carry a lot of things, so this size is best for me. One thing to note is I never actually wear my cross-body across my body, that look is just so unflattering for a lot of people. I got one anyway because I love the size and fit.

Realistically, going to a party without a bag is most ideal. But a cross-body is the perfect size if you have certain essentials you just can't leave the house without.

I really liked pairing this dress little red dress from Express with my puffer coat because they really compliment each other. The A-line shape of the dress is flattering because it's fitted and then flares out, highlighting the smallest part of my waist. The dress then exaggerates the slightly A-line stitching of my coat.


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