Nasty Gal haul

Hey, everyone! I wanted to do something different and make a haul post for the first time.

I figured I'd do one since this is my first time ever ordering anything from Nasty Gal and I'm so excited about the items I purchased.

The main reasons why I never ordered from there is because I just got my first job a little over a month ago and your Christmas money can only get you so far on this site. I was actually going through F21 and H&M looking for some items and I noticed there were a lot of products that had a Nasty Gal vibe (ie. lace up everything). So I finally decided to just give it a try.

First, I went through the sale section and added things to my wish list and shopping bag. Then I went through the general, non-sale sections (clothing, shoes, accessories) and added more to my wish list. I eventually paired down from an initial 10 items almost reaching $1000 to just these 4 (all on sale) costing a little over $100.

nasty gal shopping cart affordable clothing haul


Holiday Party Outfit

This is the perfect holiday party outfit. I initially planned to wear this with black stockings and the removable fur hood of my L.L. Bean puffer coat attached, but the weather in Jersey, and all of the East Coast apparently, has been really warm (literally, no snow fall yet). So a simple pair of spandex shorts underneath my dress, just in case there's a draft, was just enough.

Hotline Bling Sweater = Xmas Sweater Goals

Move aside dusty, old Christmas sweaters. I want my winter nights comfy, stylish, and with a side of Drake.
It's time to brush off those ugly Christmas sweaters that have plagued your holiday photos every year in all of their itchy, snowflake adorned glory. This year, take your sweater game up a couple notches by wearing these awesome 'Hotline Bling' themed sweaters, sans the itchy wool.

H&M $5 Gift Guide

H&M $5 Gift Guide

With Xmas coming soon, I'm doing a series of gift guides that will make you the best gift giver out of all your friends and family at a low cost. Think of it as "A Bomb Ass Santa Clause Experiment on a Budget" - or at least that's what I'm calling it! 

Today's gift guide is specific to H&M. Never knew any of these awesomely cheap items were available at your favorite clothing stores on this earth? That's because you never cared to look. But don't worry, I'll do all the sifting and searching for you. (You're welcome.) So here is a list of a few items that will make for a great gift bag, all of which are under $5 each. Ikr, cheap af!
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