Casual Luxe Outfit

I love this look because the monochrome pairings make it understated and casual but also make the expensive pieces look subtle. It really allows a good mix of high end and high street, which is my ultimate favorite for affordable style. I recommend investing in the culottes and shoes and opting for fast fashion picks when it comes to the top and accessories. 

I ALWAYS recommend investing in shoes (and outerwear) because you can get so much mileage out of a quality shoes - you can even get them repaired if you wear them in enough. I wouldn't normally advise investing in bottoms, but you'll only ever need one solid pair of black culottes; they can be worn every season and are really versatile.


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  1. Chic outfit! I have a similar designer look upcoming on my blog from Victor Xenia! Keep tuned on my lookbook if you wish to have a browse!


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