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Blog Status Update

Hey guys. I haven't posted in a while and that's for a lot of reasons. One being that I'm in the middle of developing another blog! Crazy, I know. But it's been something sitting at the back of my mind for a while now and there's no better time to pursue your creative ideas than the present.

So as of right now, I'm not sure about the state of Born in the Know. I was planning on further developing my self-named blog Sierra Stridiron, for now, as a more personal blog where I could talk about a variety of topics and the general happenings of my life. Kind of like an online journal. I want to develop my voice more as a writer and possibly have something in the works for a future in publishing, who knows! I plan on pursuing Born in the Know as my brand with a more direct focus: fashion. After a while, it became strenuous trying to push down all of my ideas about recipes, DIYs that have nothing to do with fashion or lifestyle, and general advice/commentary on the going-ons in media and my personal life. My new blog is going to be my way of doing everything all at once without much structure going into it while developing a format and voice along the way.

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