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With so many events that have taken place within the last two weeks alone, (the Emmy's, all of the shows for NYFW, and the shows of LFW still taking place) I've realized to what extent fashion newsletters are useful. It gets tiring having to keep up with the various forms of media coverage just to stay in the know. So fashion newletters definitely come in handy. Here are a few options for really great newsletters for you guys to check out and subscribe to.


I've really made a habit of waking up and finding this newsletter waiting for me in my inbox every weekday morning. The site's description is pretty straight to the point:

"The Newsette is the stylish way to stay in the know. We're your free daily guide for everything you need to start your day, giving you trends, life hacks, news, and style, all in your inbox before you grab that morning latte."

This is without a doubt my favorite on the list!

I really like this newsletter because of all of it's unique content. There's a daily roundup of news stories on fashion, beauty, technology, and design - literally all of my favorite things. Add in interior design inspo and the occasional pop culture update and the website itself would be a permanent bookmark in my web browser. But until then, I really enjoy their emails.

There's something about Of a Kind's weekly newsletter that is very visually stimulating to me. It's basically a round up of 10 things that the indie retail site's co-founders Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazure are obsessing over, whether that be fashion, something on TV, story headlines they came across, or potential travel destinations.

If you want a more technical understanding of clothing (fabric manipulation, sewing and construction techniques) that make clothing pieces look the way they do, then you should sign up for the weekly newsletter from Tumblr blog The Cutting Glass. It's particularly interesting looking at trends on the runway from a construction, detail-oriented perspective, which I find unique to this blog in general.

Tell me what you think. Are you guys subscribed to any of these newsletters already? What are some other ones you think would be good for me to sign up for? Leave your answers in the comment section below.


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  1. While not my style, I admit, I do like the classic look of black and white!


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