Post Summer Denial

As summer quickly comes to an end, I am all too aware of the problem that comes with it: post-summer denial - otherwise known as PSD. Basically, PSD comes in the last few days of summer and the first few days of fall when we just aren't ready to let go of the heat, the poolside convos, and fruity cocktails that is summer. So I've come up with a few ways to help you cope when PSD starts to kicks in. 

 1. Use pool floats as furniture.

Why store away all of your perfectly good pool floats when you can use them as furniture! That way, you can add a unique summer flare to your apartment all the while striking up some of those poolside memories. Just remember to rinse your pool floats off (holding on to summer is great and all, but the smell of chlorine isn't cute any time of the year!)

2. Bring color back into your d├ęcor.

Taping fresh flowers to make an accent wall is an easy DIY that can brighten up a room. If you plan to keep the design for a lengthy amount of time, opt for plastic flowers. This could potentially be a great transitional design because gradually the fresh flowers die and dead roses would make a great addition to your fall decor.

3. Camp out indoors.

To bring back memories of summer camp, try pitching a tent and making a couple of s'mores, popping some popcorn, and relaxing indoors. Make sure to surround yourself with plenty of cushions and soft blankets. To relax even more, you can draw and color. Try this fashion inspired adult coloring book here.

4. Make summer inspired treats.

These beach-inspired macarons are a cool way to end the summer. You can get the steps on how to DIY these macarons over on Sugar and Cloth. Or, you can purchase one of their macaron enamel pin sets; they're more permanent and just as sweet.

5. Update your desktop.

Design Love Fest has 100s of free backgrounds (for the desktop and your phone) that look like hand made art. Switching your backgrounds to ones with vibrant colors and vacation themes could really help you hold on to summer. Here is a cool tropical wallpaper you could download for free now:

Hopefully this guide on how to cope with post-summer denial was helpful! If so, please leave your email to subscribe and check out the links to my Social in the sidebar. Also, feel free to leave your thoughts and other ideas on how to deal with PSD in the comment section below.


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