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These are some useful desk decor and organization tips for going back to school.

Boxy Crop Top + Culottes

Boxy Crop Top + Culottes


I was inspired by my previous post and decided to style an outfit around the boxy crop top option for the checked pattern look. This outfit is great for the summer to fall transition. I generally like the look of crop tops and culottes. This pairing is especially great because the boxy shape of the crop top balances with the rounded hem of the culottes. I paired this with simple black accessories. The angular cutouts of the hand bag and peep toe ankle boots are an easy way to add a modern edge to the look without making too much of a statement.


Grid Pattern Shirt

thrifting finds vintage grid pattern shirt

vintage grid pattern shirt from thrift shopping

Came across this shirt while thrifting. Of course it didn't fit, since thrift shops never really seem to cater to people that are on the more curvy side and especially not mid-size queens like me! So I went online to search for a look alike.

After some searching and a little bit of outfit creating, I realized I was more in love with the pattern than the top itself. So here are a couple of my finds.

Pink Shirt + Patterned Skirt

One style tip Amy Phan once gave was to have 4 to 5 outfits set up that you can go to when you are in a rush or not really in the mood to figure out what to wear. This way you can look good even on your "off" days. When thrifting, as usual, I came across this displayed outfit and felt that I should finally take on Phan's challenge. So while I'm sifting through my closet to figure out some go-to outfits for the fall, you guys can gawk at this display as we officially wave goodbye to summer.

Harmony Society

Harmony Society is an independent department store that carries vintage clothing and modern handmade goods. Owner Amber Martin strongly supports American, Fair Trade, and sustainably produced goods. So these secondhand items are chosen with a focus on condition and material.

Post Summer Denial

As summer quickly comes to an end, I am all too aware of the problem that comes with it: post-summer denial - otherwise known as PSD. Basically, PSD comes in the last few days of summer and the first few days of fall when we just aren't ready to let go of the heat, the poolside convos, and fruity cocktails that is summer. So I've come up with a few ways to help you cope when PSD starts to kicks in. 

 1. Use pool floats as furniture.

Why store away all of your perfectly good pool floats when you can use them as furniture! That way, you can add a unique summer flare to your apartment all the while striking up some of those poolside memories. Just remember to rinse your pool floats off (holding on to summer is great and all, but the smell of chlorine isn't cute any time of the year!)

Summer Inspo: Instagram

These are the Instagram accounts that will make you wish that summer will never end.

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