Nude Lips for Black Girls

NUDE Wet ‘n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Color in Nudist Colony
LOOK1 Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs lipstick in Touchable Taupe
LOOK2 Black Opal Color Splurge Patent Lips in Uptown Brown
LOOK3 Wet ‘n Wild Megaslicks Moisturizing Lip Color in Caffeine Fix*

*lined and filled in lips with lip pencil before applying lip color for a richer color and longer wear

You do not know the struggle of a person of color trying to find a nude lip colors that doesn't make you look like you ate 10 powdered donuts before smearing on some lipstick! First you have to comb through the endless array of options under the "Nude" shades in the aisle. Then you put in painstaking effort comparing the lip color to the back of your hand and your wrist. And then, pure disappointment strikes when once again you either can't stand the runaway-ICU-patient look or you try to convince yourself that matte is the new black and settle on the shade.


It is very clear that anything labeled "nude" is meant to suit white women. This extends to beauty and fashion. But now the never-ending struggle bus has come to a stop thanks to the tips of celebrity makeup artists Tatiana Ward a.k.a. "Beat Face Honey".

One major tip: When looking for lip colors get the word "nude" out of your mind. Lip shades labeled as "java" or "coffee" or "chocolate chocolate yum yum" is what you should be going for.

Here is a good list of products to keep your eye out for:

Photos via Buzzfeed

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