Boardwalk Celebration

So I spent the 4th of July down by the Jersey shore to see the fireworks at Ocean Fest at Long Branch board walk, one of the top Jersey shore destinations. It definitely was a lot of fun. There were a lot of people on the beach, plenty of storefronts to eat and shop at, and in the middle of the day there was live music. I even got to eat a shish kabob, something I used to always love to have when I was younger during the summer. I was going to record the fun that everyone was having dancing and partying with the live band but at that point I was having too much fun. So the only real recording that I got done was of the fireworks.

Here are a couple of the images of my time there:

 It wasn't really hot that day, so I just went with jeans and a sheer top.

Casual Boardwalk Stroll

And let's not forget the fireworks!


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