Style Secret Weapons 5.1.2015

Style Secret Weapons 5.1.2015

Ares Oxford Creepers | Warehouse

Sakura | JustFab

I have really been into super thick platforms for a while now. It really started out with a love for chunky heels and then thick platform sandals and the rest is history. Above I have various styles depending on your comfort level with thick platforms. The smaller creeper is pretty awesome because it is an oxford creeper with snake skin texture in a cool blue shade. I don't know about you, but I think this shoe pretty much hit every area for instant cool factor. The medium sized creeper is for those a little more comfortable with the style in general. The good thing about this shoe is that there is no heel, so you don't have to worry about height AND balance. Plus, it's suede, which always has a soft spot in my heart. The last shoe is a thick platform chunky heel with a floral print, which I find appropriate as we ride out the last moments of Spring.

Plan on seeing more posts with shoes that have thick heels and extra height because honestly I can go on and on about them. Initially I was going to post about slip-ons which are perfect for racking up style points depending on the print. But I think this was better because everyone should at least try creepers or high platforms once.

What do you guys think: Are you willing to try sky-high platforms or do you feel best closer to the ground? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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