How To Fix Broken Makeup Compact

Recently, a blush that I really liked (mainly because it was my only blush) started to lift up and crumble in the case. I was so annoyed because I hadn't gotten a chance to talk to you guys about the beauty products I've been using for my daily routine. I'm so glad that I came across this video by PureWow showing me how to get my blush back into shape.

This idea looks really simple and easy to do. Can't wait to try it out. Have any of you ever had the problem of makeup products (eye shadow, blush, bronzer, etc.) starting to rise out of the compact? Do you usually try to fix it, or do you just throw it out and buy a new one?


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  1. Thanks for posting this!!!! I have a few items I was going to toss out but now I can save them!!!


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