DIY: Marble and Copper Stationary

This DIY project looks really cute and fun to do. Over the Summer, I plan on writing my inspirations, ideas, and experiences. So coming across this DIY got me excited, even though the school year is almost over for me. The following checklist includes marble self adhesive contact paper and copper vinyl , which can be found online with varying prices.

diy marble copper materials
   Original image and DIY Project via TheLovelyDrawer

  1. Cut the piece of marble that will cover your notebook. Make rectangle 1.5cm larger all the way round than the book.

  2. Carefully stick the contact paper onto the notebook. (Tip: lie paper flat with some backing peeled, hover book over paper to place down perfectly, then peel rest of backing away)

  3. Once it’s all covered, cut away the corner of the marble up to the notebook edge and cut away a rectangle where the marble hangs over the spine. You can now fold the paper over to the inside of your notebook one edge at a time.

  4. Cut the copper vinyl wide enough to cover the spine.

  5. Then remove the backing of the copper and line your spine up over the top. Smooth sides for air bubbles.

  6. To make the paper clips, simply cut a length of the copper wire and use your pliers/fingers to fold lengths over to create edges. (Tip: Work your way outwards to form a triangle shape the bends around itself)

DIY-marble-and-copper-stationery finished



  1. Those are so adorable

  2. This pack of stationery is awesome! Love the overall look! ;)


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