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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I think before we all go about our day to celebrate, we should all just take a moment to remember all of the brave people that we are celebrating and acknowledge their bravery for being willing to sacrifice for our country. We are all so thankful to them.

How to Always Look Put Together

This video is actually pretty awesome. I'm glad I came across it. I could definitely remember those girls that always looked put together. The only thing is that I also remember realizing they would wake up 1 - 2 hours before everyone else to pile on makeup and pick out an outfit. These simple tips are great for someone who just wants to look put together with effortless style.

For more videos from Evelina, check out her YouTube channel here.

Fashion Collage

Fashion Collage

I was just playing around with some images I found. I really want to change the header for my Facebook and Twitter accounts for the blog. I figured this would be a good replacement with a little editing, but the sizing and sharpness was off every time I tried. If you want access to the actual products and images used here just click on the link above.

DIY: Marble and Copper Stationary

This DIY project looks really cute and fun to do. Over the Summer, I plan on writing my inspirations, ideas, and experiences. So coming across this DIY got me excited, even though the school year is almost over for me. The following checklist includes marble self adhesive contact paper and copper vinyl , which can be found online with varying prices.

diy marble copper materials
   Original image and DIY Project via TheLovelyDrawer

How To Fix Broken Makeup Compact

Recently, a blush that I really liked (mainly because it was my only blush) started to lift up and crumble in the case. I was so annoyed because I hadn't gotten a chance to talk to you guys about the beauty products I've been using for my daily routine. I'm so glad that I came across this video by PureWow showing me how to get my blush back into shape.

{Inspired} Take a "Me" Day

Hey guys. I came across this Buzzfeed video that lists a series of things that someone should do at least once by themselves. I really like the idea of just decompressing and having a "Me" Day. I could really see myself doing the things listed and just enjoying myself.

Ombré Jewelry Box DIY

Mother's Day is creeping up, and I refuse to let it get me by surprise this time around. I think I've reached a point in my life where I need to step up my Mother's Day gifting game just a bit. So I've been eyeing this ombré jewelry box DIY that I came across. I think it would be a simple DIY that clearly shows some effort beyond the classic stick figures on a homemade card. A jewelry box would be a cool gift because 1. it is unexpected and 2. it actually has a use. Plus, this one in particular adds color and would look great in the bedroom.

Spring Outfit #4

Spring Outfit #4

Campus VoxBox Review

influenster campus voxbox review

Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing the Influenster Campus VoxBox received free courtesy of Influenster. You can check out this post here for more on what Influenster is and how to receive your own free products to review. This time around I got a bunch of full size products themed around college finals and other college-related products. I really like this box because I could put basically everything to use and I was already familiar with all of the brands.
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