Style Secret Weapons 4.24.2015

Style Secret Weapons 4.24.2015

Loose Kimono Jacket
$26 |

Exotic Safari Kimono
$49 |

Fringed Kimono
$25 |

Kimonos add effortless style to an ensemble and are a huge step up from the basic cardigan. Featured above are various different types of kimonos. The first kimono is in the form of a jacket, so the silk material is slightly thicker for warmth, and it has detailed embroidery all along the top layer of the piece. The second kimono fits its name as the "exotic" print is an alternative to the standard floral print you find on most kimonos. Also, the black panels and elongated arms and hem give a more streamlined look. The last kimono featured is perfect for any boho outfit as the black and white print makes any wild ensemble instantly look more pulled together. What's especially cool about this kimono is that it's cropped, but the fringe makes up the rest of the length, meaning your shorts won't disappear making you look like you only have a robe on.

Sorry that it took so long to get this post up guys. I've literally been spending all my time in the library preparing for Finals. Wish me luck in the upcoming weeks!


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  1. Good luck on your finals. I just finished taking all of mine so I know it's stressful. Kimonos are of my fav things to wear especially when I don't feel like dressing up, but I wanna look like I'm dressed up lol


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