All Nude with a Hint of Neon

Neon Crush

Tony Bianco Handbag

Neil | JustFab

Tillie | JustFab

Evina | JustFab

Yvette | JustFab

Neon Nacho

I've had an account on JustFab for some time now and I've been meaning to make a post based off of the clothing items that inspired me. I'm thinking about doing that for a couple of the clothing stores I usually shop at. This post specifically uses products from JustFab's new Spring Collections.

The site has really been working on providing more than just the shoes that they initially became known for - and it is working. If you decide to make an account, the stuff there is pretty awesome. Just beware of the VIP status. Every month they charge you unless you decline their services in the first week of that month, even if you don't buy anything. However, you build up points, meaning if you didn't buy anything and you are charged, you get a point that can be used towards any purchase at any time. So it's not like they just charge you for no reason.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure to get this post up because I think all nude with a hint of neon is perfect for Spring. What do you guys think? Tell me your opinions in the comments below.


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