Zodiac Oval Soaps

Zodiac Oval Soap Collection

Fresh skin care has a line of oval soaps that are inspired by zodiac signs. They're all limited-edition vegetable based soaps infused with either green citrus, aquatic floral, caramel and citrus, or mangosteen scent. If you click on your sign, there is even a personalized video that talks about what 2015 is going to look like for you. Apparently, I'm due to see money in the first half of the year... I still have my fingers crossed for that one!

Style Secret Weapons 4.24.2015

Style Secret Weapons 4.24.2015

Loose Kimono Jacket
$26 | amazon.com

Exotic Safari Kimono
$49 | wallisfashion.com

Fringed Kimono
$25 | hm.com

All Nude with a Hint of Neon

Neon Crush

Tony Bianco Handbag

Neil | JustFab

Tillie | JustFab

Evina | JustFab

Yvette | JustFab

Neon Nacho

I've had an account on JustFab for some time now and I've been meaning to make a post based off of the clothing items that inspired me. I'm thinking about doing that for a couple of the clothing stores I usually shop at. This post specifically uses products from JustFab's new Spring Collections.

The site has really been working on providing more than just the shoes that they initially became known for - and it is working. If you decide to make an account, the stuff there is pretty awesome. Just beware of the VIP status. Every month they charge you unless you decline their services in the first week of that month, even if you don't buy anything. However, you build up points, meaning if you didn't buy anything and you are charged, you get a point that can be used towards any purchase at any time. So it's not like they just charge you for no reason.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure to get this post up because I think all nude with a hint of neon is perfect for Spring. What do you guys think? Tell me your opinions in the comments below.

Style Secret Weapons: Printed Shorts

Style Secret Weapons 4.03.2015

Floral Printed Shorts // Nordstrom Rack

Striped Shorts // Farfetch

Embroidered Shorts // Farfetch

Shorts are the style staples for sprint-into-summer. So now is the time to start gradually increasing your collection. Instead of getting generic colored/jean shorts go for printed shorts, to be extra stylish. Featured are 1. striped shorts in a flattering thick, horizontal stripes patter, 2. embroidered shorts in a bold blue and white with kaleidoscope print, and 3. cropped floral shorts with symmetrical statement graphics. If you are looking to do more than just expand your shorts collection, these three will score you major style points



Triangl Bikini Dupes

Recently I have been spending a lot of down-time scrolling through the endless pics on We Heart It and I found that a lot of the images that I was putting in my fashion/inspiration collection had color blocked bikinis from the brand Triangl. Of course, I had to look more into it because the style is very appealing. However, the only way the average person like me would be able to get their hands on such items would be if they sold a couple of organs. Now I don't know about you, but I'm not about the life of spending $90+ on swimwear. So here are a few ways to sport the color-block trend (much like the Triangl style) without breaking bank.

      triangl bikini price comparison

For Love & Lemons

For Love and Lemons outfit post

I was browsing through Refinery29's FB page and I came across an awesome-looking ad by Nasty Gal for the brand For Love & Lemons. The items available on Nasty Gal's website looked amazing - as expected from any brand that embodies "romantic and edgy lingerie" perfect for late nights and 'serious head-turning'. On the FLL website, everything is organized in collections - my favorites were the Spring '14 and '15 collections. I really liked how versatile most of their pieces were. Some of the lace pieces could be worn as easily for lingerie as it could for Coachella.

Wearable Technology is a Thing

Remember that post I made a while ago about the merging of Fashion and Technology (I mean waaaaay back to when my blog was all black and I was still trying to figure out what HTML was)? Yeah, that far back. Anyway, if you don't here's a link to my Jewelry, Meet Technology post.

The reason I bring this up is because I was trying to find tutorials for Photoshop, now that I finally have access to it, and in one of the ads I came across "androidwear" was advertised. Immediately my post from back in the day popped into my head, and I remembered recently seeing posts from BuzzFeed and Cosmo talking about the same thing. When I looked up the Ringly website again, there was a Press section that I didn't see before with various companies from Tech Crunch to Vogue explaining how, as I put it once, a stylish future "may be coming much faster - and more fashionable - than expected". This just confirms for me that I wasn't just coming up with some theory about wearable tech, back in early 2014, being essentially an open market.

Ringly ad

Style Secret Weapons 4.03.2015

Style Secret Weapons 4.03.2015

eBay Designer Collective: Spring Separates

As I said in a previous post, I've been focusing on exposing myself to different brands and online/international stores that highlight fashion through various different modes. One thing that I came across is an ongoing trend of large companies and platforms centered on eCommerce trying their hand in the fashion world.

The company that I'm focusing on today is eBay, with its start up of eBay Fashion. More recently, eBAY featured Designer Collective: Spring Separates on its website to aid individuals in finding Spring outfits through separate items that popular brands consider essential to follow trends this season.

Here are a few things I found when searching eBay for ways to stay up-to-date with the upcoming season's trends:

eBay FashioneBay Fashion Fresh Finds

Umbrella Shopping Guide

For all who don't know, I really like umbrellas. The politics behind rain boots is so outdated (who cares if they're Hunter Boots, or not? They'll be doused in rain and mud- hopefully!). Umbrellas are really what add fun to rainy weather.

umbrella4I prefer interior umbrellas because every time you open them it's like there's a surprise waiting for you inside! It's especially stunning when the outside is plain and the inside has a graphic design like this one.

Honestly, when it comes to umbrellas, it's all in the details. I like classic ones that can't be compacted like this one. They are just way more stylish than automatic ones. Plus, this handle looks really cool and different than the usual U-shaped type.

umbrellas collage

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