{Inspiration} Denim

Now that I am on the clothing chapter in my Italian class, I've recently been really inspired by denim. In fact, my class had a 10 minute discussion solely on the origins of jeans and where the name "pants" came from. My professor even went so far as to send us a link if we wanted to look more into it (for the article click here).

Anyway, I've also been into browsing the blogs that online clothing stores like Nasty Gal and F21 have (I recommend that you do so, as well). Browsing through the Garage blog, I found an awesome article that somewhat explains the different types of jean shorts - mainly because of Coachella season. Some of the featured styles are the Girlfriend short, the Boyfriend short, and the Favorite short. I prefer the Favorite short - I can kill a 4" inseam!

  GARAGE - girlfriend shorts                  GARAGE - boyfriend shorts                GARAGE - favorite shorts

Another online store that more directly relates to denim that I've recently been obsessed with is Paige Denim. Immediately I was drawn in with supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's image promoting her collab with the company. When I dug a little deeper I realized that this site literally only contains denim or things that look great with denim (ie. plaid, striped shirts, and flowy tanks). What was really cool was the section that organized the clothing based off of social media. Sure I could scroll through the endless selection of denim, but the best way for me to know how to wear and style it is to see how other bloggers and Instagramers are doing it. So I appreciate when an online store does something like take into account how actual customers incorporate their clothing in their daily lives.

I plan on being a lot more explorative for the next few months to maximize exposure to new brands, websites, etc. All of my finds I'll share with you guys. So stay tuned!


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