{Inspiration} Denim

Now that I am on the clothing chapter in my Italian class, I've recently been really inspired by denim. In fact, my class had a 10 minute discussion solely on the origins of jeans and where the name "pants" came from. My professor even went so far as to send us a link if we wanted to look more into it (for the article click here).

Anyway, I've also been into browsing the blogs that online clothing stores like Nasty Gal and F21 have (I recommend that you do so, as well). Browsing through the Garage blog, I found an awesome article that somewhat explains the different types of jean shorts - mainly because of Coachella season. Some of the featured styles are the Girlfriend short, the Boyfriend short, and the Favorite short. I prefer the Favorite short - I can kill a 4" inseam!

  GARAGE - girlfriend shorts                  GARAGE - boyfriend shorts                GARAGE - favorite shorts
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