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nail art 3

A flesh-toned mani is a great way to transition from the over-the-top nail art craze of the summer. The trend makes fingers appear longer and hands look younger and overall more elegant. And if you absolutely can’t ditch the fancy shmancy nail art designs, accents of black matte polish or metallic silver are always chic.

nail art

1. HIPPxRGB Nail Foundation in F4, $18

2. OPI Nail Lacquer in A-Piers To Be Tan, $5

3. Essie in Sandy Beach $8.50

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Alabaster, $6


  1. Something is different about your blog..Did you change your blog theme/layout? If so it looks amazing!

  2. Yeah, I'm glad you noticed :) I just wanted something fresh and new that matched my style more.


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