Jackets for Fall into Winter

The weather where I am has been crazy! Lately it's been really sunny out. Luckily, my phone's weather app notified me in time that despite the 80 degree weather of Monday and Tuesday, it's going to be freezing over the weekend! So while I head over to TJ Maxx for some easy pickings of winter jackets, here are a few of the styles that I'll have my eyes out for:


Neoprene Jacket
Baby Blue Neoprene Jacket by J.W.Anderson
Baby Blue Neoprene Jacket
J.W.Anderson $355

I've been wanting a jacket like this for a while now. I would only wear it on cooler days just like I would a cardigan or an extra layered sweater. The boxy structure of the neoprene makes it the perfect coat to drape over your shoulders for effortless style.
Neoprene-Effect Wool-Blend Jacket by J.W. Anderson
Neoprene-Effect Wool-Blend Jacket
by J.W. Anderson $640

This is actually wool material imitating the texture of neoprene, which I really like. It provides all the warmth that wool provides, but has a sleekness to it. I like this one in particular because it can also be worn as a blazer on cold days where professional attire is needed.

Big Teddy Fur Collar Jacket
Big Teddy Fur Collar Jacket
by Rings & Tings $60
There is just something about the rough wool texture and unforgiving shape that somehow makes wool collar jackets masculine. During colder weather I tend to sway towards more masculine items, as demonstrated by my collection of leather moto jackets over the years. To switch things up, I'm going to opt for a wool collar jacket completely void of an A-line shape.
Moto Faux Fur Collar Corduroy Jacket by Oasap
Moto Faux Fur Collar Corduroy Jacket
by Oasap $65.89

I prefer shearling jackets to have extremely simple color palettes so that the fur is the most eye-catching part of the coat. In this one, the navy blue and brown really contrast with the white collar and cuffs somehow screaming Fall into Winter!



Wool Corset Coat
Wool Corset Coat by TopShop $310
The A-line shape of this Corset Coat reminds me of the Victorian period, while the color and texture of the tweed pays homage to Sherlock Holmes and his signature cape. This is the perfect replacement to all of  the outdated Collared Pea Coats I have.

Minty Green Pea Coat by Goodnight Macaroon $75
Minty Green Pea Coat
by Goodnight Macaroon $75
And if you absolutely cannot resist buying a Pea Coat (they are quite stylish to say the least), you can always opt for an alternatively styled one. This one is perfect because: 1. It only has a single hidden button, unlike your typical pea coat that goes up to the neck. 2. It lacks the classic A-line shape, making it a bit more modern. 3. It's a pastel color, making the edgy move of bringing Spring colors to Winter


Wool-Trimmed Drawstring Parka by SheInside
Wool-Trimmed Drawstring Parka
by SheInside $52
Anything army-inspired is meant to be overused during the Fall, in my opinion. The fur and wool of these jackets make them appropriate for those awkward days where the weather transitions from Fall to Winter.

Green Army Coat w/ Comfy Hooded Collar by Rosewe
Green Army Coat w/ Hooded Collar
by Rosewe $38
I really like this Anorak jacket because it is completely loose fitting, lacks the classic gold buttons going up the front of the coat, and opts for a belt instead of drawstring.

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