DIY: Ribbon Sweater

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As far as the sweater goes, any type with a low cut out back works. In this one specifically there is a strap across the top causing there to be the extra steps at the beginning to take it out.

The first step here is to use the seam ripper to take out the little strap at the top of the back of this sweater. This step won't be necessary for all types of sweaters, but if it is for the one that you are using, just make sure that you reference this little guide on how to use this sewing tool.

sweater3Take the piece of fabric ribbon being used and cut off one side so that the slanted edge is now a straight one. (This of course will result in a triangular piece being cut off.) Do this for the 2nd piece of ribbon, as well.

As an additional step to prevent the fabric from tearing later down the line, you can take a lighter and sear the ends of the straightened side very slightly.

Fold back the side of the ribbon with the straight edge about 1 inch back.

sweater5Pin down the ribbon as shown in the above image. The ribbon would be going in the place where the strip of fabric was just taken out in step 1.sweater6You would then sew the 2 pieces of ribbon in place, one on each side of the sweater so that they would be pulled together in the middle to be tied into a bow. Note: Make sure that the thread's stitching is facing the inside of the sweater - unless you prefer it the other way!sweater7  sweater11  sweater8 sweater12



  1. This is such a cute idea! I love the gold, too.


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