DIY: Neon Lace Clutch

1. Open the top by cutting along one of the side seams (also cut the strap on that same side)

2. Place the clutch inside the top with the seams running parallel. Fold the fabric and cut away the excess fabric along the outer edges of the clutch.

3. Put the shirt over the clutch so that the top of the clutch is where the bottom of the shirt is and the bottom of the clutch is facing where the straps of the shirt is.

4. Take out the clutch and sew the top so that 3 sides (2 sides and the bottom) are sewn.

5. Put the clutch in the lining of the lace so that the top of the clutch is at the opening of the lace pouch.

6. After you make sure everything is perfect, glue the fabric to the clutch and let dry.

Neon Clutch Collage

neon clutch3

neon clutch5

neon clutch4

Of course, deviation from these steps are always encouraged. The best part about DIY projects is that they're all about how you want to do it!

Some ideas on how you can make this project your own:

Use a neon clutch and white (or any muted color like beige, grey, etc) lace.

Only put lace on part of your bag.


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  1. This is a great DIY project to spruce up a regular clutch! I love your choice of the orange crocheted design -- a very Valentino-inspired look :) - Lena


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