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Poppy King creator of Lipstick Queen finds that nothing is as glamorous or empowering as lipstick. Her international line of lipsticks are lightweight, have great color impact, and leave your lips soft and moisturized.

What I particularly like about her website is the organization of all of her lip colors. There's a simple breakdown of the types of products, collections, and gift sets such as B├ęte Noir and Frog Prince. The most interesting grouping of lipsticks is based on Zodiac Sign giving you fashion advice for the season and her compatible lipstick products. Cool, right?

Here are a few featured images on her website for the different zodiac signs. Cancers first because my b-day is July 2nd!

zodiac sign lipstick queen

Here are the products that are compatible with my sign:
lipstick by lipstick queenliquid lipstick by lipstick queen

Fashion & Lip Zodiac

Secretive yet open, guarded yet generous, you’re a study in contradictions so this season’s revealing yet demure dresses in lace and mesh are right up your street. Innocence is bliss so pare down your eyes and keep lips pretty in pastels and shimmer shades.

Here are some other featured lip zodiacs available on Lipstick Queen:

Gemini Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen

Sagittarius Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen

Aquarius Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen

Pisces Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen


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