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Kate Spade is one of the first names that I think of when considering a brand that somehow always has its hands in everything. I mean they've produced iPhone cases, bridesmaids dresses, chinese food take out bags, and I'm still not off of those Saturday pop-up shops adorned in dandelion yellow!

With all of these things going on, we all pretty much assumed KSpade also had a swimwear line. Wrong!

KSpade is definitely Bringing
SexyGlamour Back. The 60s-inspo theme will be clearly noticeable in the 70 piece cruise 2015 collection that will debut at Miami Swim Fashion Week and is said to hit stores sometime in November.

“Our debut swimwear collection is colorful, bold, playful, optimistic, sophisticated, and timeless. It’s retro reimagined, classic with a twist, and pays homage to our heritage whether with a classic black and white stripe, a graphic dot, or an artisanal print.” - Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade's CEO and president

Honestly, I'm just waiting to get my hands on those retro high-waisted bottoms and flirty bandeau tops adorned in bows that leave KSpade's audience wondering how she is capable of combining the descriptions sweet and clever so effortlessly.

If this released image is considered to be the cherry on top of her collection, then I can't wait to dive into the several layers of gold-plated material and hand-sewn beading of this hot fudge sundae.

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  1. I adore Kate Spade! It's such a darling brand:)
    When you get a chance, please be sure to check out my blog and follow on to stay tuned for new looks! Xo


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