Jewelry, Meet Technology

Here's a quick view from Ringly advertising their ring collection:

Ringly is a new company that plans to sell "smart" jewelry and accessories. Essentially, they're producing light-weight jewelry that connects to your smartphone. And yes, I said smartphone. So that means their products are compatible with iPhones AND Androids (Progress for #TeamAndroid!)

Their most recent product is their fall collection of, what else, rings. The rings are customizable; there are 4 vibration patterns and 5 colors that light up on the side of the ring. And you are in full control of what you are being notified about; you can get updates on phone calls, text messages, emails, applications, and even Facebook and Twitter notifications.

There are two really awesome things about these new rings that I hope sets a new trend in the production of smart technology:

1. You can finally put the phone away! There's no real need to keep it out waiting for the next update that will flash across the screen. Now some of you probably are thinking "If I get an update, I'll take it out anyway." and that is a valid thought. However, the problem with always having your phone out is that you're going to want to look down and get distracted from interacting with the people around you. The ring is a good way of easing off of this bad habit.

2. Fashion is merging with technology. I don't know about you, but I've always imagined the "futuristic" new world being full of chunky iridescent shades, watches that can be talked into, and holographic computer monitors. This, of course, I figured to be way farther in my timeline. But with all of the new fashion-tech collabs that have been developing recently (see Google Glass + DVF) a futuristic new world may be coming much faster - and more fashionable - than I expected.

What's your take on the whole fashion meets technology idea? Are you excited for what's to come in this emerging industry? How would you incorporate wearable technology in your life?


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