DIY: Cross Printed Pillow

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Basic Setup:

This is the basic setup for any printed fabric, whether you use that fabric for pillows/cushions, wall art, etc.

Now that we've got the basics down, let's get into making the actual pillow.

2 pieces of cloth
You need 2 pieces of fabric. One being the patterned fabric, the other a solid color of your choosing (of course you can deviate from this as much as you want).

NOTE: The length of the fabric will be determined by the size of pillow/cushion.

sewing the fabrics

Start by sewing with the fabric "inside out". As you can see in the image, the cross printed fabric is on the inside. Also, to get the pillow to appear exactly as seen in final product, you will need polyester satin piping cord (this is what makes this project require medium level sewing skills).

The perfect page that explains all that is piping is found on (a website that has tutorials for all things complicated in the sewing world). After some clicking around you'll find a good explanation of what piping looks like for cushions, an explanation of a few different types of trims that you can add to things, and another page explaining trims with different tutorial links on how to use them.

sewing in the pillow 
Once you've sewn 2 sides, continue half way on the 3rd side. Then turn the fabrics so they are on the "right side out". Insert the pillow between the cushions. At this point, you should be able to continue sewing to fully secure a closure around the pillow.
And there you go :)
final product
Here are a couple of links to check out if you need a little more explanation or want to get your hands on some of the products used. If you have any advice or know someone who does know how this stuff works please, please, please leave a comment!

For now, here are the links:

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