DIY: Cross Printed Pillow

potato setup2potato setup potato setup3

Basic Setup:

This is the basic setup for any printed fabric, whether you use that fabric for pillows/cushions, wall art, etc.

Now that we've got the basics down, let's get into making the actual pillow.

2 pieces of cloth
You need 2 pieces of fabric. One being the patterned fabric, the other a solid color of your choosing (of course you can deviate from this as much as you want).

NOTE: The length of the fabric will be determined by the size of pillow/cushion.

sewing the fabrics

Start by sewing with the fabric "inside out". As you can see in the image, the cross printed fabric is on the inside. Also, to get the pillow to appear exactly as seen in final product, you will need polyester satin piping cord (this is what makes this project require medium level sewing skills).

The perfect page that explains all that is piping is found on (a website that has tutorials for all things complicated in the sewing world). After some clicking around you'll find a good explanation of what piping looks like for cushions, an explanation of a few different types of trims that you can add to things, and another page explaining trims with different tutorial links on how to use them.

sewing in the pillow 
Once you've sewn 2 sides, continue half way on the 3rd side. Then turn the fabrics so they are on the "right side out". Insert the pillow between the cushions. At this point, you should be able to continue sewing to fully secure a closure around the pillow.
And there you go :)
final product
Here are a couple of links to check out if you need a little more explanation or want to get your hands on some of the products used. If you have any advice or know someone who does know how this stuff works please, please, please leave a comment!

For now, here are the links:

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The V Clutch

What are three adjectives to describe your brand?
"Chic. Bold. Unexpected."

V Clutch - TitaniumV Clutch - Chartreuse
V Clutch - Flame

The V Clutch by Dareen Hakim is extremely edgy and fierce with its modern detailing and pointed edges. The varying colors makes these leather bags appropriate for day and night.
Models and Bloggers love this too:
V Clutch model blogger chartreuse
Photo and Featured Image via Style by Lynsee

V Clutch polyvore2
These bags are hard to track down, but I was determined to bring this out of season item back on trend. So the only place that still has this product is here.  They are selling other sold out items by Dareen Hakim here.

Polka Dot Umbrellas DIY


Design Love Fest Image Map

French Street Style {Summer '14}


Swedish Fashion: Sandra Backlund

"Less is more" accurately describes much of Swedish fashion. There’s a fondness for discrete colours and a pared-down, refined look. As with so many aspects of life, Swedes tend to take a practical approach to what they wear, but this doesn’t mean there is a lack of creativity.

Sandra Backlund's Blank Page Collection

Blank Page Collection Look 5
Photo: Oscar Falk, Lundlund // Hair: Peter Andersson, Mikas // Makeup: Sara Denman, Mikas // Model: Haidy Möttus, Mikas

Blank Page Collection look 1
Blank Page Collection Look 2
Blank Page Collection Look 3
     Blank Page Collection Look 4

Backyard Lighting Goals

From past experience, backyard decoration requires working smart more than working hard. It is very easy for the outcome of your outdoor project to disproportionately represent the amount of effort you put in. Indoor projects are contained and you can work at your own pace. Outdoor projects are subject to the elements, and once the wind hits that 2 hour paper lantern project you lifted off of Pinterest will end up looking like wimpy decorated pieces of paper that got stuck in your trees, real quick.

If you're looking to step up your backyard decoration game like me (especially after my previous years of crooked tiki lamps and... yeah, I only ever put up those awful lamps) check out this video.

How You Can Make It Look

So, what do you think? Do you see yourself testing the waters in backyard deco this summer?


Matte is the New Black

5 Ways To DIY Matte Lipstick:

1. Translucent Powder

Photo via LuLu's
Photo via LuLu's


ks swim Photo via Kate Spade NY
Kate Spade is one of the first names that I think of when considering a brand that somehow always has its hands in everything. I mean they've produced iPhone cases, bridesmaids dresses, chinese food take out bags, and I'm still not off of those Saturday pop-up shops adorned in dandelion yellow!

With all of these things going on, we all pretty much assumed KSpade also had a swimwear line. Wrong!

Nokia Fashion Show 2014

Kate Spade Saturday

I'm seriously falling for this new Kate Spade Saturday collection. It is perfect for back to school, and it seems as if we are transitioning into the age of graphic print. What is interesting about KS Saturday is that the brand is selling an overall lifestyle, something I haven't personally seen done before. I feel more connected and inclined to buy from the pop-up shops in New York because the overall lifestyle they are selling is one that I identify with.


DIY: Beaded Sunglasses

Unwilling to break the bank in order to buy those awesome new Miu Miu designer shades? No need to worry; you can always DIY your own pair that look even better than these $325 Westward Leaning pair.

Kirsten Nunez from blog Studs & Pearls has come up with this awesome project to DIY beaded sunglasses.

DIY beaded sunglasses DIY beaded sunglasses

beaded sunglasses demo beaded demo
Images by Studs & Pearls

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Sexy Guys Being Silly

Hope you're having a great day. If not, these guys should cheer you up!

Jewelry, Meet Technology

Here's a quick view from Ringly advertising their ring collection:

Ringly is a new company that plans to sell "smart" jewelry and accessories. Essentially, they're producing light-weight jewelry that connects to your smartphone. And yes, I said smartphone. So that means their products are compatible with iPhones AND Androids (Progress for #TeamAndroid!)

Their most recent product is their fall collection of, what else, rings. The rings are customizable; there are 4 vibration patterns and 5 colors that light up on the side of the ring. And you are in full control of what you are being notified about; you can get updates on phone calls, text messages, emails, applications, and even Facebook and Twitter notifications.

There are two really awesome things about these new rings that I hope sets a new trend in the production of smart technology:

1. You can finally put the phone away! There's no real need to keep it out waiting for the next update that will flash across the screen. Now some of you probably are thinking "If I get an update, I'll take it out anyway." and that is a valid thought. However, the problem with always having your phone out is that you're going to want to look down and get distracted from interacting with the people around you. The ring is a good way of easing off of this bad habit.

2. Fashion is merging with technology. I don't know about you, but I've always imagined the "futuristic" new world being full of chunky iridescent shades, watches that can be talked into, and holographic computer monitors. This, of course, I figured to be way farther in my timeline. But with all of the new fashion-tech collabs that have been developing recently (see Google Glass + DVF) a futuristic new world may be coming much faster - and more fashionable - than I expected.

What's your take on the whole fashion meets technology idea? Are you excited for what's to come in this emerging industry? How would you incorporate wearable technology in your life?


Lipstick Zodiac

Poppy King creator of Lipstick Queen finds that nothing is as glamorous or empowering as lipstick. Her international line of lipsticks are lightweight, have great color impact, and leave your lips soft and moisturized.

What I particularly like about her website is the organization of all of her lip colors. There's a simple breakdown of the types of products, collections, and gift sets such as Béte Noir and Frog Prince. The most interesting grouping of lipsticks is based on Zodiac Sign giving you fashion advice for the season and her compatible lipstick products. Cool, right?

Here are a few featured images on her website for the different zodiac signs. Cancers first because my b-day is July 2nd!

zodiac sign lipstick queen

Here are the products that are compatible with my sign:
lipstick by lipstick queenliquid lipstick by lipstick queen

Fashion & Lip Zodiac

Secretive yet open, guarded yet generous, you’re a study in contradictions so this season’s revealing yet demure dresses in lace and mesh are right up your street. Innocence is bliss so pare down your eyes and keep lips pretty in pastels and shimmer shades.

Here are some other featured lip zodiacs available on Lipstick Queen:

Gemini Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen

Sagittarius Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen

Aquarius Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen

Pisces Lip Zodiac by Lipstick Queen

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