Maybelline New York Color Show Bleached Neons Collection

Maybelline New York color show muted neons collection

Maybelline New York launched its new collection of nail lacquers that incorporate muted neons in April, embodying the whole "Spring into Summer" concept.

This is literally what most nail color fanatics have been waiting for - something new that pushes the limit at just the right amount. The color payout is exactly as advertised! Neons are notorious for their transparency and need of a white base coat to get the color desired. However, the Bleached Neons, as with all the products from Maybelline's Color Show collections, end the painstaking struggle of getting the exact color you want. Essentially, what you buy is really what you get as seen here:

Maybelline New York color show collection color payout


The collection was only available April - May, meaning that it is off the shelves by now. However, they are largely sold on eBay and in smaller non-commercial shops. So you have to do a little digging in order to get your hands on one if you haven't already.

I particularly like this new collection because of its ability to be worn by all skin complexions. Pastel colors in the Spring can be too chalky and neon colors in the Summer show up too bright on darker complexions.The Bleached Neons Collection solves this conflict as it is very versatile.

It works with all complexions: the colors don't make lighter hands look veiny and don't make darker hands look like moving highlighters. Also, this collection can be worn throughout two seasons: the colors mimic the pastels of Spring and are punchy enough to be stunning in the Summer. All in all, this collection is definitely a Summer must-have.

Colors in featured image above post include :

Day Glow Teal, Ultra Violet, Lime Accent, Citrus Collide, Bleached in Peach, Pink Punch, and Coral Heat

Featured Image by Maybelline New York via Nitrolicous

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