Is Instagram Killing Personal Style Blogs?

Readers, and the advertisers that profit from them, have flocked to Instagram, ultimately leaving the styling blogs they once relied on to figure out what to wear and who's wearing it.

My personal opinion on the matter is that social media only represents a few pieces of the puzzle. If a reader was to soley rely on Instagram and Snapchat to reach their favorite fashion personalities, they wouldn't be getting the whole picture.

Personal style bloggers and bloggers that have a singular focus (ie. vloggers, photographers) are the ones mainly threatened by social media. Bloggers with a more instructional focus (food and DIY bloggers) are less likely to lose traffick to their websites. However, the bloggers that are least likely to lose readership and in fact may gain readers are the ones with multi-purpose blogs. People come back for the weekly lifestyle updates, the occasional inspired DIY project, the freebie review Fridays, and the Forever 21 hauls. If you are a Fashion/Lifestyle blogger, DIY/Lifestyle blogger, Fashion/DIY/Lifestyle blogger with the occasional food post, then you develop more of a relatable personality that can't just be pinned and left to catch dust on a Pinterest board.

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