{Inspiration} Holiday Seasons Gift Guide

I guess it's coming around that time of the year where we have to start saying Goodbye to the pumpkin spice of Fall and Hello to the string lights of Winter. With that comes preparation for the holidays. So here's a few gifting ideas that should be stored at the back of your mind for the days leading up to Holiday Season.

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Soul Sunday Cool Down Sugar Scrub, $16, available at Soul Sunday.

"made with raw organic sugar and organic coconut oil, this refreshing peppermint scrub exfoliates and moisturizes."

This "cool down" sugar scrub is as easy to use as it is soothing. Just apply to wet skin, rub (especially over elbows and feet), rinse, and there you go! This product is the ultimate relaxation tool that leaves your skin feeling super smooth and extra supple.

Ross Meneuz Fauna Pouch English Bulldog
$15, available at 
Hugo Guinness for J.Crew Mug
$14.50, available at 
maurices Printed Scarf
$10 available at 

Lazy Oaf Eye Print Shopper Bag
$15.16, available at 

Nasty Gal Hear No Evil Earbuds
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Nasty Gal

Garance Doré 2015 Beauté Desk Calendar
$16, available at 

Images via Refinery 29


How to Style a Knit Sweater

As the temperature rapidly decreases, it only seems proper that I make a post about how to style sweaters (a closet staple for the Winter). I love Sweater Weather! Wearing a sweater is like wearing a cozy, fuzzy blanket that keeps you warm all day. A chunky knit + a huge mug of hot chocolate reminds me of that exciting feeling of the days leading up to the Holiday Season. ANYWAY, here's Jenn Im from YouTube channel's ClothesEncounters detailing how she styles her sweaters. Enjoy!

Jackets for Fall into Winter

The weather where I am has been crazy! Lately it's been really sunny out. Luckily, my phone's weather app notified me in time that despite the 80 degree weather of Monday and Tuesday, it's going to be freezing over the weekend! So while I head over to TJ Maxx for some easy pickings of winter jackets, here are a few of the styles that I'll have my eyes out for:


Neoprene Jacket
Baby Blue Neoprene Jacket by J.W.Anderson
Baby Blue Neoprene Jacket
J.W.Anderson $355

I've been wanting a jacket like this for a while now. I would only wear it on cooler days just like I would a cardigan or an extra layered sweater. The boxy structure of the neoprene makes it the perfect coat to drape over your shoulders for effortless style.
Neoprene-Effect Wool-Blend Jacket by J.W. Anderson
Neoprene-Effect Wool-Blend Jacket
by J.W. Anderson $640

This is actually wool material imitating the texture of neoprene, which I really like. It provides all the warmth that wool provides, but has a sleekness to it. I like this one in particular because it can also be worn as a blazer on cold days where professional attire is needed.

{Inspiration} Jeff Koons Handbag

Every now and then I dream about renovations, DIY projects, paint swatches, updating furniture, and all that good stuff. Recently, I had a dream about updating my dorm room. One distinct idea that popped up in the dream was to have a miniature gold Jeff Koons balloon dog in a glass box as a mini art display for my desk.

The main reason I know of Jeff Koons and his amazing art (you can visit his website here) is because of the golden balloon dog handbag that is the birth-child of Koons and H&M. After visiting his site and looking up all the other glass balloon animals that he has put up in exhibitions, I was reminded of how much I LOVE metallics in the Fall.

Fall Accessories Report

Hipsters love fall because it gives them the excuse to bust out the good ol' flannel too hot for Summer. Stores love fall because they literally can 'Pumpkin Spice' anything and have sales skyrocket immediately. Basic Girls love fall because it gives them time to organize their entire collection of Uggs for everyday of Winter. It's safe to say that people in general love fall!

But I love fall for none of those reasons. I love fall because, to me, fall is by far the edgiest season regarding fashion. It seems as if everyone puts down their guard, just a little, around this time of the year, allowing people to reveal their inner-trend-setter, push the limits a little, and get away with things more.

It is because of this that during the fall I especially watch jewelry designers, handbag brands, ACCESSORIES ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!

No one ever pays attention to accessories in the fall - I mean, with all the flannel and Pumpkin Spice being thrown around and what not. I just love them because they make an outfit. They exaggerate the detail. They set the tone of an ensemble - and all of that is on a regular day. During the fall, accessories allow you're creative side to come out. Some examples I can think of are combining designer bracelets to form a ringlet necklace or attaching your stud earrings to your collar shirts instead of sporting the equally-as-trendy-but-not-as-edgy collar clips that have become way too predictable.

Now that I'm done rambling, here are a few designers, brands, and styles that I've had my eye on for some time now:

BaubleBar Embellished Wood Collection
This is literally jewels on top of antique gold on top of deep mahogany wood. If that doesn't scream fall, I don't know what does.

SS15 CHANEL Show: Feminist Protesters Take the Catwalk

There was a real 70s influence seen in Chanel's SS15 collection, perhaps to show gratitude to an era synonymous with anti-war campaigns and the growth of the women's rights movement. Karl Lagerfeld, an artist known for causing a riot, outdoes himself again when he and leading lady Cara Delevingne (notably holding a Chanel quilted megaphone) conduct a protest, following along the lines of the Feminist Revolution trend that Emma Watson's #HeForShe campaign ignited.


“There will always be The Stay-the-Samers and there will be The Changers. What one are you? Stefan Sagmeister

DIY: Rebecca Minkoff Inspired Tassel Clutch


Trending: Nude Nail Polish

nail art 3

A flesh-toned mani is a great way to transition from the over-the-top nail art craze of the summer. The trend makes fingers appear longer and hands look younger and overall more elegant. And if you absolutely can’t ditch the fancy shmancy nail art designs, accents of black matte polish or metallic silver are always chic.

nail art

1. HIPPxRGB Nail Foundation in F4, $18

2. OPI Nail Lacquer in A-Piers To Be Tan, $5

3. Essie in Sandy Beach $8.50

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Alabaster, $6

Nude Body Suits: The Future of Fashion

Cosmopolitan puts street style to the test when they send a representative in just a nude body suit and tons of fabulous accessories. Here's the result:

Is this a fashion hit or miss? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.


DIY: Ribbon Sweater

  sweater supplies
As far as the sweater goes, any type with a low cut out back works. In this one specifically there is a strap across the top causing there to be the extra steps at the beginning to take it out.

DIY: Neon Lace Clutch

1. Open the top by cutting along one of the side seams (also cut the strap on that same side)

2. Place the clutch inside the top with the seams running parallel. Fold the fabric and cut away the excess fabric along the outer edges of the clutch.

3. Put the shirt over the clutch so that the top of the clutch is where the bottom of the shirt is and the bottom of the clutch is facing where the straps of the shirt is.

4. Take out the clutch and sew the top so that 3 sides (2 sides and the bottom) are sewn.

5. Put the clutch in the lining of the lace so that the top of the clutch is at the opening of the lace pouch.

6. After you make sure everything is perfect, glue the fabric to the clutch and let dry.

{Inspiration} Coachella

In case you don't know, I am an avid fan of a thorough Google search in order to find the best images, videos, whatever! So in the process of searching Neon Icon (don't ask why) I somehow veered into searching Coachella Fashion and Coachella Facepaint. And to tell the truth basically every image was inspiring. Here's what I absolutely had to pull and put on my blog for others to equally enjoy.
Coachella Face Paint You don't have to be the most creative of artists in order to pull off a really cute "Coachella" look. Sometimes simple and sweet is really the way to go. The ongoing trend for simplistic looks is to use white face paint - it's not too distracting allowing less focus on your face and more on your outfit!Coachella 11
If you look closely, there is white AND gold face paint, there is white highlighter on the inner corner of her eyes, and the line of white paint on her chin starts at the middle of her bottom lip. See, it's all in the detail.Coachella 12

DIY Room Decor

These three videos have literally landed on my DIY Bucket List this Summer. All of these ideas are pretty awesome. Some of them I have come across before but never actually tried to complete. I hope you enjoy!

Ultimately all of these won't be completed because I'm packing to go to college!!! But the following video in particular may come in handy:

Tell me what you think:

Like. Comment. Question? Ask it!

DIY: Cross Printed Pillow

potato setup2potato setup potato setup3

Basic Setup:

This is the basic setup for any printed fabric, whether you use that fabric for pillows/cushions, wall art, etc.

Now that we've got the basics down, let's get into making the actual pillow.

2 pieces of cloth
You need 2 pieces of fabric. One being the patterned fabric, the other a solid color of your choosing (of course you can deviate from this as much as you want).

NOTE: The length of the fabric will be determined by the size of pillow/cushion.

sewing the fabrics

Start by sewing with the fabric "inside out". As you can see in the image, the cross printed fabric is on the inside. Also, to get the pillow to appear exactly as seen in final product, you will need polyester satin piping cord (this is what makes this project require medium level sewing skills).

The perfect page that explains all that is piping is found on sew4home.com (a website that has tutorials for all things complicated in the sewing world). After some clicking around you'll find a good explanation of what piping looks like for cushions, an explanation of a few different types of trims that you can add to things, and another page explaining trims with different tutorial links on how to use them.

sewing in the pillow 
Once you've sewn 2 sides, continue half way on the 3rd side. Then turn the fabrics so they are on the "right side out". Insert the pillow between the cushions. At this point, you should be able to continue sewing to fully secure a closure around the pillow.
And there you go :)
final product
Here are a couple of links to check out if you need a little more explanation or want to get your hands on some of the products used. If you have any advice or know someone who does know how this stuff works please, please, please leave a comment!

For now, here are the links:

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The V Clutch

What are three adjectives to describe your brand?
"Chic. Bold. Unexpected."

V Clutch - TitaniumV Clutch - Chartreuse
V Clutch - Flame

The V Clutch by Dareen Hakim is extremely edgy and fierce with its modern detailing and pointed edges. The varying colors makes these leather bags appropriate for day and night.
Models and Bloggers love this too:
V Clutch model blogger chartreuse
Photo and Featured Image via Style by Lynsee

V Clutch polyvore2
These bags are hard to track down, but I was determined to bring this out of season item back on trend. So the only place that still has this product is here.  They are selling other sold out items by Dareen Hakim here.

French Street Style {Summer '14}


Swedish Fashion: Sandra Backlund

"Less is more" accurately describes much of Swedish fashion. There’s a fondness for discrete colours and a pared-down, refined look. As with so many aspects of life, Swedes tend to take a practical approach to what they wear, but this doesn’t mean there is a lack of creativity.

Sandra Backlund's Blank Page Collection

Blank Page Collection Look 5
Photo: Oscar Falk, Lundlund // Hair: Peter Andersson, Mikas // Makeup: Sara Denman, Mikas // Model: Haidy Möttus, Mikas

Blank Page Collection look 1
Blank Page Collection Look 2
Blank Page Collection Look 3
     Blank Page Collection Look 4

Backyard Lighting Goals

From past experience, backyard decoration requires working smart more than working hard. It is very easy for the outcome of your outdoor project to disproportionately represent the amount of effort you put in. Indoor projects are contained and you can work at your own pace. Outdoor projects are subject to the elements, and once the wind hits that 2 hour paper lantern project you lifted off of Pinterest will end up looking like wimpy decorated pieces of paper that got stuck in your trees, real quick.

If you're looking to step up your backyard decoration game like me (especially after my previous years of crooked tiki lamps and... yeah, I only ever put up those awful lamps) check out this video.

How You Can Make It Look

So, what do you think? Do you see yourself testing the waters in backyard deco this summer?


Matte is the New Black

5 Ways To DIY Matte Lipstick:

1. Translucent Powder

Photo via LuLu's
Photo via LuLu's

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